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Economic Benefits - Old


Beer Industry of Florida, Inc. distributors add approximately $1 billion annually in Florida's overall economic output as well as:

  • Create over 2,500 direct and indirect jobs
  • Pay approximately $120 million in wages and benefits to their employees
  • Generate more than $100 million in Florida excise taxes

Distributors are an important link between brewers, retailers and consumers. They help support and sustain the Florida beverage license system and they add value to the products they handle. For every dollar spent on beer distribution, 25 cents in federal tax revenue is generated and nearly 14 cents in state and local taxes is generated.

Beer distributors help Florida businesses grow and prosper by reducing their expenses. Thanks to distributors, retail outlets enjoy dramatic annual savings. Distributors reduce retailer operating costs by nearly $50 for every $1000 spent by consumers on beer.

From big chains to Mom-and-Pop convenience stores, retailers benefit from a close relationship with distributors. Our economic contributions also benefit packaging manufacturers, shipping companies, and agri-business. Ultimately, distributor created efficiencies also benefit consumers. Savings generated by distributors encourage retailers to reinvest in their local economy, creating jobs, expanding businesses, and reducing prices.


The beer industry which includes brewers, distributors and retailers is a major contributor to the U.S. economy. The US is the second largest producer of beer in the world.

The following table shows jobs and economic activity for affiliated industries, including agriculture, transportation, and entertainment. This clearly shows the impact of the brewing industry on other industries in Florida.



Table and Statistics provided by Beer Serves America, 2008
Totals May Not Add Due to Rounding